Where to find the glass house for flower delivery

When asked to look for a glass house, Dying Light 2 players might think it should be easy. They are given the general vicinity of the house and told to keep their eyes peeled. How hard can that be? In reality, it is quite difficult, because the “glass house” is glazed on the outside.

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Since it looks like any other metal building, the request to deliver flowers there suddenly becomes much more difficult. But those super sleuths who just don’t give up will be rewarded with one of the most heartwarming conclusions in the dark world that is. Dying Light 2.


Go to the general area

Dying Light 2 Area where the glass house is usually located

After completing a few Peacekeeper story missions, players will receive a PK-77 mission request. He asks Aiden to deliver a flower to a lady he knew. He knows she’s probably dead, but in the absence of her parents, she’s always been there for him.

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PK-77 will send players to a general street in the southwest of Quarry End. The waypoint looks specific, but it’s just a general marker. Go ahead, collect easy parkour experience points along the way and advance the quest to the next stage.

Identify the glass house

Dying Light 2 See the glass house and the plants inside

Unlike some secret areas in the game, Aiden won’t need to have the best parkour skills available to get inside. The “glass house” is actually a mostly brick structure with a rounded metal roof on top. It is not possible to pierce the “glass”.

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The easiest way to tell if Aiden has found the right home is to use his Survivor Sense. This will mark several plants to loot inside the building, an event unique to this structure. The door is not difficult to find; there is an inviting porch around it.

Offer the flower

Dying Light 2 Destiny of the Flower Recipient in the Glass House

Go inside and take the first right. There are plenty of plants to loot for Aiden’s craft, but the recipient of the flower sits in a chair. Interact with her and what looks like a tragic conclusion manages to have a great story behind her.

Return to PK-77 to complete this quest. PK-77 will need time to come to grips with the breadth of information, but this is an unexpected positive. It’s a precious moment in a game where Aiden is often tasked with delivering news without any upside.

Dying Light 2 was released on February 4, 2022 and is available on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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