Why a garden glass house is the new status symbol among the super rich

Rarely is a veranda, however splendid it is, to be put to good use, housing an imaginative collection of plants in exquisite containers, with just the right amount of water flowing. Instead, the classic conservatories attached by developers alongside houses are either too hot or too cold, and people, as well as plants, would rather be elsewhere.

An orangery or a tea house are at least further away but they suffer from a similar lack of purpose: what to do when the plants have been rolled up, the tea ceremony is over?

A real greenhouse is the new destination in the gardens, as well as the centerpiece. Just as walled gardens have been restored as places for growing vegetables and flowers, so those with larger country gardens are keen to demonstrate how plant propagation and cultivation works, pointing out a new wisdom in the plot to the plot. eat on the plate, while alluding to self-sufficiency.

Distinguished greenhouse builders, Hartley Botanic, who have been manufacturing custom structures in the UK, Europe and the US since the 1930s, have noted in recent months that a growing customer concern is “not not wanting to be caught again “. When you want to own your own food supply, a utility greenhouse with missing panes won’t do; for the next dystopian crisis, a bespoke greenhouse should be part of your arsenal.

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