Why I Can’t Wait To Try This New Korean Beauty Trend

Everyone knows that Korean skincare is the most intensive and laborious skincare routine. Famous for their ten-step skincare routine around the world, it seems Korean women will stop at nothing to achieve real-life, retouched-looking skin. Indeed, they treat skincare as an indulgence and see skincare rituals as a moment of relaxation. The latest update from the department is called “glass skin“.


For the uninitiated, glass skin is poreless, smooth, even, glowing skin that has the sheen of, you guessed it, glass. Taking K-beauty’s obsession with youthful, plump skin up a notch, this routine is heavily focused on skin hydration and resurfacing.

As someone with bumpy combination skin and huge pores, an intensive ritual like this seems ideal for my skin type. Also, as I approach 25 and continue to live in a heavily polluted city, my skin is showing more and more early signs of aging. To combat all the negatives that are a constant in my skincare issues, glass skin seems like a good ideal to strive for. Here’s why.

This system aims to smooth the pores.

The biggest problem for someone with acne-prone skin is large, open pores. Prone to the accumulation of pimples and blackheads, clogged pores worsen with skin aging, as the skin loses its elasticity. Skincare routines for glassy skin nip this problem in the bud, making exfoliation an essential part of it.


Korean women never compromise on double cleansing, exfoliating and toning to keep their pores in shape. Although it may seem tedious, it is ideal for rough or oily skin.


The buildup that builds up when you don’t clean and scrub the skin thoroughly is responsible for many skin problems, whether it’s dull, rough, or patchy skin. Thus, glass skin can only be obtained if the skin surface is absolutely even, clean and polished before hydration.

The hydration routine will prevent fine lines and dullness.


Let’s face it, current beauty trends are all about radiance. It doesn’t stop with highlighters and starts with your skincare routine. To achieve this glow, intense hydration is essential. For that, you need a skin routine that involves deep hydration, with moisturizers and emulsions that penetrate the deep layers of the skin and hydrate it from within. Using a heavy cream after washing your face, which lays on your face like a film, will not be enough. So you need a step-by-step hydration routine to make your skin glow.

The first step in pre-hydrating is the regular use of sheet masks, which are quite indulgent and expensive when done daily, but essential if you want glass skin. Sheet masks are infused with essences and target specific skin concerns, especially dehydration, so they’re essential for achieving glowing, glowing skin.

An essence, is the next step. It is a watery, lotion-like substance that contains a lot of nutrients. The difference is that it is very easily absorbed and dehydrates dehydrated skin from within.

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The next step is to use a moisturizer. Most Koreans use a lightening night cream that targets dark spots and scars.


What follows is a serum. Serums are normally concentrated oils, which contain powerful active ingredients that address specific skin concerns. If you have mature skin, try an anti-aging serum. If you have pigmentation or acne scars, try a vitamin C serum.


Nutrient treatments will heal my acne scars.

Glass skin relies on extensive use of serums and ampoules, which contain different active ingredients to treat different skin issues. To achieve this highlighted look, the skin should be really smooth, so that there are no scars or bumps poking through the shiny surface.


Enter: light bulbs. A highly concentrated serum intended for the treatment of a serious skin problem, the ampoules are ideal for combating a variety of skin problems, including the healing and disappearance of acne scars. So including it in my routine would mean saying goodbye to all those pesky blemishes my breakouts leave behind, making me less dependent on my concealer!

The dry, scaly patches on my skin will be gone.

Flaky skin can be uncomfortable to touch and look at, and can make makeup application difficult. So whether you wear makeup or makeup, they are unwanted and a sign of dehydrated skin.


This intense exfoliation and hydration routine will combat that flaky dryness and give my skin an overall glow, smoothing out dead skin, rubbing in flakes with exfoliant, and sealing in moisture in the skin with a number of products. moisturizers.

It is ideal for combination skin like mine.

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Having combination skin means dealing with dry patches and pore buildup, both of which can be treated with good exfoliators, whether chemical or physical. On top of that, combination skin is often out of balance because you tend to treat only one aspect of combination skin, depending on whether it’s oilier or drier. Rarely have we religiously offered our skin treatments that remedy everything and nourish every part of it. This skin routine allows us to do both, fight bothersome acne with deep cleansing and hydration, and treat premature skin aging with intense, skin-plumping hydration. What more does a 25 year old with conflicting skin issues want?

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