Why You Can’t Get K-Beauty’s Glass Skin Trend in a Week

Korean beauty is the gift that keeps on giving. From the famous 10-step skincare routine to wacky ingredients like snail slime used in beauty, K-beauty has taken us through a world of techniques and trends. The newest on the block is the glass skin. And no, it does not imply that the glass is close to your skin.

Have you ever noticed the skin of Korean women and beauty enthusiasts? It’s clear, mostly poreless, and has a sheen that’ll make you want to throw on sunglasses. This is exactly what the Korean glass skin trend is; a healthy, flawless complexion with an inner glow, like a shard of shiny glass.

While in most beauty trends, all you need to get the look is a makeup product or two, the Korean glass skin trend is a little different. This isn’t the kind of trend where an eyeliner and lipstick do their magic and you’ll be done in 10 minutes. That’s because glass skin isn’t really a trend — it’s a Korean beauty standard.

You see, in the world of K-beauty, having almost glassy, ​​luminous, translucent skin is a sign of youth. Especially in Asian society where there is a great awareness of healthy and youthful skin, having a glowing face becomes almost a status symbol. No wonder hordes of K-beauty women are religiously sticking to their regimen in hopes of achieving glass skin.

The tricky part is that you can’t get it in a day. No siree, it takes weeks or even months to get the look. The trick to getting healthy, glowing skin is that there is no trick at all. It takes a dedicated routine with plenty of water, a healthy diet, and a diet with plenty of sheet masks, scrubs, and serums.

So if you’re hitching your cart with the glass skin trend that’s straight out of Korea, know that it’s possible – just that it’ll take longer than you think.

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