Would you like to live in a glass house?


Even if you are used to being in the public eye, coming home to a greenhouse can seem like a whole new level of exposure.

But for some people, living in a house with floor-to-ceiling windows brings them closer to the landscape, the weather, and the sky, and allows them to enjoy a space that feels larger than a traditional house. The design is a modern take on ski houses or farms, filled with more natural light.

Hayes Slade, architect and co-founder of Slade Architecture, and her husband and business partner James, designed a glass house in Amenia, New York which was completed in 2018.

The house is located on a 400 acre lot so that it is difficult to see neighbors. While the home’s public spaces – the kitchen, dining room, and entertainment areas – are on the upper level and surrounded by windows, the private spaces – including bedrooms – are on a lower level where the walls are in. rock.

“One of the qualities of glass is transparency, which is nice when you’re inside the house, but one of the other qualities is reflection,” Slade said. “A lot of times when you have a lot of light outside the house, you end up seeing a reflection of the landscape, so the house almost becomes a stealth house. ”

Much of the growing interest in glass houses is due to two things, said Hayes Slade.

The first is innovation in glass technologies, including improvements in glazing and sealing that have made it possible to better regulate the temperature and air flow of homes, she said. The second is the increased social acceptance of living in a house where many of your activities can be seen by neighbors.

Social media can play a role, said James Slade. Being less private in our online life can make us feel more comfortable having less privacy in our physical life, he said.

“With social media now, you can have a very private home and have a very public life,” he said. “Is that glass house more public than the house of someone who lives in a closed house but is constantly online?” I do not know.”

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